Starving the Monkeys: Fight Back Smarter

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Starve the Monkeys Who Eat Away At Your Life
An Individualist's Guide for Surviving the Coming Dark Age

by Tom Baugh
Paperback, 430 pages
Price: $19.95 US

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Warning: This book is NOT the typical heavily-digested cartoon-book political pundit pap.

Nor is it a scholarly work intended to talk down to you from an ivory tower as you swim around in the moat in a world that doesn't seem to make sense anymore, and gets worse each day.

In fact, books like both of those I describe above are part of the problem. They whip people up into a frenzy, or bore them to tears, but don't offer any practical advice other than to tell you to try to teach someone else.

And yet, the problems seem to grow worse the more we try to teach. And now our problems are no longer simple-issue problems.

Environmentalism, which used to seem almost harmless, now threatens to box in our quality of life in ways we never intended. Left unchecked, this particular bit of insanity threatens to starve billions of people. And some of those billions will be right here among us.

Investing and saving no longer makes sense. Real estate, stable industries, essential commodities, all of these traditionally sound places to put your money just flop around and seem to only exist to extract your savings. And now hyperinflation will strip away almost everything you earned, particularly if you listen to the advice of pundits that demand that you pay down credit and save every penny. Why, so that hyperinflation can just chew your nest egg down to nothing?

You are told at every turn to care about the children, yet no one seems to care about yours. Why won't they get off of your back and just let you raise your own kids? Public schools are turning into indoctrination camps, while homeschoolers are demonized more each day.

Higher education is turning more hollow each year. Tuitions skyrocket while the quality of education plummets. And now advocates such as Ron Paul are warning that these institutions, too, will turn from mere indoctrination camps into soft-core labor camps.

Yet our system is supposed to protect you from stupidity like this. You elect people to represent you, but when they get to Washington they lose their minds and start acting just like the last guy. It seems as if your vote doesn't count anymore.

It seems this way because your vote doesn't count anymore. And there is a simple reason why.

Because YOU don't count anymore. At least not to the people who make the decisions that affect every aspect of your life. And those people are the non-productive electorate who now outnumber us, the productive minority of the nation. We have passed the tipping point where voting and protesting and educating no longer helps us any more, because the oppressive majority knows exactly what they are doing to us, and laughs at our efforts to free ourselves with posterboard.

This book is too realistic for some, because it shows exactly where the problems in our modern world lie. And what to do about it.

We can starve the monkeys of the value they steal from us. But this requires a deep understanding of where that value comes from in the first place, so that we can turn off the valve. Shallow efforts to resist by refusing to pay your income taxes will only get you arrested, or worse.

Nor do these solutions involve violence, "grab your gun" or any other kind of "let's go git 'em, boys!" kind of foolishness.

Doing that would only get you killed. And the responsible parties would rejoice at your sacrifice. Because that is exactly what they want you to do. Get killed, so that you, and your ideas, are out of the way.

Don't give them the satisfaction. Besides, your brothers are going to need you later.

There is a much, MUCH, better way. This way.

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