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Pygmy Goat Pallet House


Prep Work
The Foundation
Side Walls
Front Door Frame
Finish the Door
Back Wall


We recently picked up a male (billy) Pygmy goat. While a little guy, he packs an important punch: siring Nubian females (nannies) to produce the Kinder breed. Kinders are excellent small-homestead dairy goats, having the disease and parasite-resistance of the Pygmy, and the milk production of the Nubians. But for Kinders, you need a Pygmy billy, and so we introduce you to George. We picked up George from an ad on Craig's List for $30, complete with collar and bell. He was in reasonably good shape, and enjoyed the van ride home in a cardboard box. Once there, he promptly set to work eating saw briars. Day one, and he's already providing positive delta Q!

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But George needed a bachelor pad. Left to the nannies, he would disturb them constantly ("hey, ladies"), and wear all of his leisure suits threadbare. Accordingly, we need to house George away from the nannies, and so we decided to build him a little house out of scrap pallets. The finished house is shown to the right. As usual, we kind of got carried away with overkill. Once you get started on one of these projects, it's hard to stop! This house features a roomy interior free of horn-snagging voids, hoof-friendly flooring, rustic shingled roof, ventilated walls, and a generous trapezoidal door with a medieval latch!

This project will make extensive use of pallets, which are great inexpensive building materials. If you aren't familiar with the principles of pallet construction, take a moment to read through our pallet construction primer. Then, come back to this page to learn about the goat house.
As with all of our projects, the instructions we give here might be overly detailed. An old hand at construction will probably scoff at some of the primitive techniques used, and be able to derive all the necessary steps from the photo above right. However, our projects here are intended to be executed by anyone, even if they've never built anything in their entire life. If you've only ever experienced subdivision living, then take heart.
Ready? OK, so in the next section, learn about preparing materials for the pallet goat house.

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