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Palletry for Improved Quality of Life
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Why I Like Pallets

For those of you who have read Starving the Monkeys, you know that as we near a collapse of civilization, people will start using (and using up) materials and finished goods in unexpected and novel ways. The lowly material-handling pallet falls into this category. Reading through the homestead and preparedness literature, one often finds references to the use of pallets to construct useful things. For monkey starvers in particular, building things out of pallets is a great way to deny forage to suit-monkeys who demand their slice of our consumption pie.

We, like many others, enjoy using pallets for building material for several reasons. First, pallets are cheap. Each week, we get a half-dozen of them free from our local hardware store, saving the owner the cost of disposal. In urban areas, you might have to pay a couple of bucks each, but that is still cheap at the price. Next, pallets come in a variety of sizes and styles, and offer a lot of different materials for various construction projects. Third, the pallet scraps left over from such projects make great kindling, particularly since you wind up with a lot of splintered oak when using them. All of these qualities add up to great monkey-starving advantages. Plus, building on a pallet foundation allows easy transportation of the project using an off-road forklift.

In the near future, we'll introduce some interesting pallet projects that you can build and extract real value from. In this article, we discuss some of the practical aspects of palletry in the context of monkey-starving, and lay the groundwork for success with your pallet projects. So, continue on to learn more about pallets themselves and some of the issues facing their use in various projects in the next section of this article.

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